Training and Coaching

What We Do

Build confidence and skills

At BDO FMA, we have always approached our work with a training/coaching stance: building individuals’ and teams’ confidence and skills to carry out excellent financial management in service of your mission.

Our training and coaching services come into play with all kinds of engagements. Foundations hire us to provide nonprofit finance training for grant managers and program officersOther Grantmakers work with us to provide training to grantees in standalone sessions or via a cohort or initiative modelOutsourcing clients get coaching and training in the context of an ongoing financial management partnership. Leadership teams work with us to support change management as new systems, processes and procedures are implemented.

Keeping Diversity and Inclusion top of mind

Our consultants are expected–and given multiple opportunities–to develop personal awareness and professional skills to support diversity and facilitate inclusion in our training and coaching work.

Our content and delivery are continually evaluated and assessed to respond to participants’ feedback. We strive to use language and establish group dynamics that build trust and support cooperation across differences.

In-Person and Online Learning

Responsive to the Moment

Our training team leaders are continually watching the current state of affairs in the nonprofit and philanthropic sectors, and work diligently to ensure our training is responsive to present circumstances.

In response to the ongoing disruptions of the past year, that means 100% online training, using best practices in webinars and online learning that we’ve been developing for more than a decade.

Training Outcomes
Tools to use right away
Improved cross-department communication
Confidence telling your financial story

It also means that our core training topics address the urgency and stress generated by the economic and social upheavals we have all experienced. For some, that has brought a windfall of new donations, while for others it has demanded complex scenario-planning to work out next steps based on a variety of possible futures.

Our consultants and trainers have been working closely with nonprofits, foundations, and government agencies throughout this year’s events–and while we have been quick to pivot and address the moment, we continue to strive to be the “calm voice in the room,” having weathered all kinds of nonprofit finance challenges and bearing the wisdom earned from a long-term view.


A General Approach

Our consultants consider coaching a core skill and we aim for it to be the way we approach all of our work. Sometimes that looks like a team coach who might encourage, inspire, and challenge to build specific skills. We also strive to listen deeply, to help you name and define the dilemma you are facing, and uncover the solutions you have within your own expertise and knowledge–but may need an outside eye to recognize.

Coaching Outcomes
More effective decision-making
More unified, effective teams
Greater confidence and skills