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Our software solutions are packaged as project-based implementation of finance office automation tools, as well as annual year-round hosting clients on these online solutions.

BDO FMA’s charge into cloud-based accounting began over a decade ago, and we have been watching upcoming trends and elevating best practices since then. Now more than ever, we are helping organizations choose new software or optimize what they already use to meet the needs of a distributed workforce and make the most of uncertain conditions for service delivery.


Through the years, BDO FMA consultants have seen nearly every configuration of nonprofit books, from the humble spreadsheet to the most elaborate accounting system. With a deep and broad understanding of the needs of nonprofit fiscal management, our staff implement best-in-class tools for accounting, expense tracking & management, bill payment, and more.

We’ve seen it all: From organizations still in paper books to expensive accounting systems implemented without regard for the needs of a nonprofit. BDO FMA consultants can rapidly assess your current fiscal management software and help you select, upgrade, integrate and implement an appropriate mix of accounting software for your organization, taking into consideration both your current operational needs as well as plans for growth.   

BDO FMA works with nonprofit organizations and foundations to simplify their bill paying and invoicing processes using the latest technology. Often considered a headache and simply one of the bureaucratic costs of doing business, BDO FMA treats this routine process as a useful measure of an organization’s Operational Excellence.

Fortunately, technological innovation is making it much easier to implement a streamlined Payable and Receivable process. By moving these processes to the cloud, you benefit by eliminating paperwork and reducing the costs of managing your cash flow, payables and receivables.

BDO FMA famously supports a team-based approach to budgeting. But that doesn’t keep you from considering automation of this critical process. In fact, using a cloud-based, GAAP-compliant budget application integrated with your accounting system is a formidable tool empowering collaboration across your whole team–while providing role-based access to comply with internal control policies.

As one of the more bureaucratic costs of doing business, expense reporting sometimes takes a back seat to what organizations consider to be the more pressing tasks. BDO FMA recognizes that the efficacy of this routine process is a useful measure of an organization’s Operational Excellence and can make significant contributions to employee satisfaction. Fortunately, technological innovation is making it much easier to implement a streamlined expense reporting and tracking process.

Expense management software improves and streamlines the process of monitoring costs by simplifying coding, automating approval workflow, improving compliance with corporate expense policies, and providing greater visibility into spend analytics, all with the added benefit of reducing operating and expense processing costs. There are plenty of benefits to come from implementing an expense management system, but the best system for your organization is one that matches your priorities.

Our free booklet, the Expense Management Solution Selection Tool, will help guide you toward selection of the best expense management solution for your nonprofit or philanthropic organization’s unique needs.

Knowing there are so many solutions available (Expensify, Tallie, Certify, Chromeriver, Concur, Nexonia, Trinet Expense, and more!), our guide includes a worksheet designed specifically to help you compare each system’s functionality and compile notes on your unique needs.

We can help you implement and integrate payroll software with your GL accounting system.

Increase efficiencies by utilizing a Grants Tracking module. The BDO FMA team can set up customized dashboards that put key metrics at your fingertips, like:

Budget Reports

  • Budget for grants that span fiscal years.
  • Track Funds Received, Expenses Committed and Grant Balances with easily accessible dashboards.
  • Drill-down with Grant-specific Budget v Actual reports.


  • Assign Grant Manager for each grants.
  • Track report due dates
  • Remind report renewal dates.

Cost Management

  • Review and approve employee time billed to grants
  • Review and approve expenses billed to grants

Before & After Implementation

The BDO FMA team can help you determine what technology upgrades will fit your needs and help the implementation process go smoothly (and be there with troubleshooting help if it doesn’t). But after implementation is complete, we don’t leave you on your own. Our team continues to add value with customized support to make sure the new procedures take hold and you’re empowered to make the most of your new system with your particular context, mission goals, and stakeholders.

Your reports are only as good as your data — but once your data is clean and organized, you need the right reports to guide strategic decisions within finance, as well as clear visualizations to convey the story behind the numbers to non-finance leaders.

Our finance experts can work with your leaders to make sure your reports and dashboards are set up properly to support them in making strong decisions based on accurate data.

Most systems come with a dizzying array of options, some of which will be irrelevant to your particular organization’s needs. And your operations will employ a unique combination of systems, staff roles, and procedures that won’t be in the off-the-shelf user manual.

But once BDO FMA has worked through implementation with you, we will intimately understand your system’s needs.  Our team can develop a customized manual just for you that will ensure your current staff can shift to new procedures with ease and confidence. And with a customized user guide, you’ll have what you need to get new staff up to speed in the future.

Do you see the symptoms of trouble in your finance software — unhelpful reports, manual tracking between accounts and budgets, expense reimbursement delays and frustrations, redundant data entry — but are unsure what the fundamental problems are? Are you growing or downsizing significantly and know you need a change in systems but don’t know where to start looking?

BDO FMA’s software and technology consultants have experience with most nonprofit accounting systems — but more importantly, they know nonprofit finance top to bottom with its unique complexities and can help diagnose, prioritize, and treat the core issues you need to address.  A software assessment can take a look under the hood to see not only what can be tuned up or overhauled to improve your finance operations, but will also consider other systems — like payroll and fundraising — that will need to integrate with your solution.

We understand the importance of change management, and we appreciate that implementing a new system (or systems!) can be a significant disruption to your staff’s workflow and routine.  Our ultimate goal is to help your team grow in Operational Excellence — and that means ensuring your staff have the information and skills they need to carry out their roles with confidence.

To that end, we can provide customized training to ensure staff use the systems as designed, with check-ins down the road to see that things stay on track after you’re on your own.  We also provide prompt & friendly troubleshooting support that taps into the knowledge base of BDO FMA’s whole team experienced in nonprofit finance.

This report gives you a landscape view of current nonprofit accounting systems, helps you identify your own needs, which systems can meet them, and how to decide among those that do.

Our free booklet can help guide you toward selection of the best expense management solution for your nonprofit or philanthropic organization’s unique needs.