Plan for an uncertain future


How do you prepare for the future?

We're here to help nonprofits model their programmatic, staffing and financial future, build a reserve, activate a strategic plan, evaluate alternative operating models and more.

FMA consultants have been helping nonprofits plan for their financial futures for over two decades. Our team supported nonprofit organizations through the 2008 recession, and when the 2020 disruptions hit, we quickly pivoted to provide accounting and consulting services to help nonprofits face the present and prepare for an uncertain future.

Work with BDO FMA

We understand the unique challenges nonprofits face when planning for future fiscal realities. Our consultants can help you create a multi-year financial model to plan beyond 12 months with multi-year grants or conditional funding. Facing the loss of a grant or staff capacity? We can help build scenarios and contingencies, make a succession plan, assess and modify your business model or help you carry out a mission-focused Financial Health Analysis and support redesign and implementation of processes to help you make the most of every dollar entrusted to you.

Try these tools:

A Tool

This forecasting template helps you quickly estimate how you are likely to end the year financially based on year-to-date results and other assumptions.