Implement QuickBooks Online


Implement QuickBooks Online

Inexpensive, user-friendly, and widely used across the nonprofit sector.

QuickBooks can be a good choice for small organizations with limited resources to invest in accounting software. However, because it was not originally designed for nonprofit use, QuickBooks may have limitations when it comes to tracking and reporting on restricted donations and grants.

Work with BDO FMA

Our experience helping hundreds of nonprofit organizations build and strengthen financial management systems has allowed us to refine some key QuickBooks customizations and “workarounds” to help facilitate nonprofit accounting in this system.

Our experienced consultants can move you to QuickBooks or modify your existing QuickBooks system to better suit your organization’s needs. Our services include:

  • Structuring the Chart of Accounts
  • Configuring the Class and Customer functions to track programs and funders
  • Tracking temporarily restricted revenue, including how to process releases from restriction
  • Coaching on how to maximize system use
  • Integrating with other services like automated AP/AR or expense management.

Still using a legacy desktop-based installation of QuickBooks? You may not be taking advantage of QuickBooks’ modern web-based portal. Converting to the latest online version of QuickBooks enables a wide variety of integrations and makes it much easier for staff working virtually or from home to access the organization’s finances. And, if you partner with external fiscal management support, a cloud-based accounting system is critical. BDO FMA can oversee the process of converting your existing version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online and we’ll be on hand to troubleshoot any hurdles in the process.