Automate your fiscal operations


Move your finance operations to the cloud

Smoothly adopt new systems, or simply make the most of your finance office's current technology.

Don’t let your organization be held back by obsolete fiscal management software and processes. We’ve seen it all: From organizations still in paper books to expensive accounting systems implemented without regard for the needs of a nonprofit. As it turns out, new software is only as good as its implementation! BDO FMA consultants can rapidly assess your current fiscal management software and help you select, upgrade, integrate and implement the appropriate mix of accounting software for your organization, taking into consideration both your current operational needs as well as plans for growth.


Work with BDO FMA

Our team has explored nearly all of the nonprofit accounting software systems out there, and we’ve been keeping notes on what works—and what breaks. We work with software vendors to pass great discounts on to our clients and provide a streamlined portal giving your staff access to your integrated finance system all in one place.​

Whether you’re in start-up mode, leaving a fiscal sponsor, or just growing out of your existing systems, we can help you find a package that fits your price range and your organization’s needs. For most organizations, services like QuickBooks online or Sage Intacct may be suitable for your General Ledger accounting needs, depending on your budget size and complexity. These platforms can be integrated with cloud-based AP/AR solutions like, as well as Expensify or Tallie that track employee expenses and simplify reimbursements. Reach out to us via this quick webform for further information, software demonstrations, pricing, and to schedule your software selection and implementations.

Of course, if you have an accounting system that you’re already using and that works for you, we can often help integrate it with other systems and identify improvements you can make without upgrading.

What others are saying:

[Our automated AP system] has vastly improved the efficiency of our financial operations. The paper-intensive process that preceded it was cumbersome and slow, and often failed in an environment where the senior staff is frequently working internationally. We can now process our financial transactions from anywhere from our laptops or mobile phones. I am writing from Malawi where I processed this week’s payables in less than five minutes despite poor Internet connection in my hotel. Every minute I don’t spend approving bills and processing checks is another minute I can spend on Gradian Health Systems’ mission to deliver safe and economical general anesthesia around the world.