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Keeping track of and storing paper receipts is no longer a reliable strategy, and many organizations have done away with paper receipts altogether in an attempt to be more environmentally-friendly.

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We implement Tallie as a cutting-edge resource for our clients who recognize that consistent, real-time integration of expense-tracking is the best way to ensure accurate financial reporting. Tallie is affordable, innovative and cloud-based, and it streamlines formerly arduous processes for employee expense reporting and approval.

Tallie works in conjunction with your accounting or bill paying system to retrieve the critical accounting data necessary for complete expense report categorization. With “Activity-Based Sync” any changes made to data within Tallie are immediately reflected in the integrated accounting system. Additionally, “Bi-Directional Integration” ensures that when you add, remove or make a change in one system, it is reflected in both Tallie and your accounting system.

Tallie’s pricing is determined by each user’s activity per month, and there are no additional monthly fees. The program features a mobile app that lets users upload receipts, track mileage, create and submit expenses all from their phone. Other functions of the program include:

  • Direct Bank Import
  • Smart Categorization based on accounting policies
  • Custom Invoices
  • Unlimited receipt upload and storage
  • Streamlined reporting and policy compliance

Set-up and implementation of Tallie includes:

  • Establishing a sync between Tallie and your accounting software
  • Piloting Tallie before the program is presented to staff members
  • Training staff after the program has been installed and tested to make sure they are comfortable using the program.

Tallie allows you to create a Tallie user account for every employee, contractor or individual who may incur expenses on behalf of your company. At the end of the month, Tallie will charge your credit card the current user fee only for those users who created at least one expense during that month.

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