Outsourced Financial Management Overview

What We Do

Financial Management Services

Why outsource your finance department?

BDO FMA’s finance and accounting professionals understand the importance of your mission and are deeply knowledgeable in the particularities of nonprofit finance. We keep a close eye on changing standards, compliance guidelines and new opportunities to strengthen your fiscal operations – so you can keep a close eye on delivering your programs, supporting your community and achieving your mission goals.

Work with BDO FMA: 

Our outsourcing team is made up of consultants with experience on the front lines of nonprofit accounting and finance across subsectors, budget sizes, and management levels.

We use a team-based approach to our outsourced services, leveraging the breadth of knowledge & experience across our team while keeping your fiscal office payroll cost-effective. 

Our Approach

Our approach to outsourced financial management incorporates three levels of fiscal operations: transactional, managerial, and strategic.

We provide basic bookkeeping support, managerial support for closing the books and maintaining reports, and C-level strategic support to serve as a strategic resource for thinking through the bigger picture of an organization’s strategy and financial future.

Or explore how BDO FMA Provides these solutions:

Simplify and strengthen your grants management procedures.


Receive timely, thorough and accurate reports.


Operate with confidence that your technology is a good fit & working efficiently.


Stay prepared for clean and smooth audits.


Understand the full cost of programs and reduce “overhead”.