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We work with you and your contractors to maintain effective grants management systems.

Difficulty carrying out critical tasks such as producing timely and accurate financial reports, monitoring the budget and submitting modifications often leads to chronic underspending, signaling a strain or even serious breakdown in an organization’s grants management infrastructure.

Work with BDO FMA

BDO FMA works with government agencies to provide capacity-building services to their contractors, helping those organizations successfully manage their government grants. As a result of our work, organizations become stronger partners with their government agency funders to provide effective, sustainable community solutions.

Help Your Contractors Face these Challenges

Explore this invaluable repository of fiscal management tools: Among the dozens of free tools, you’ll find a program-driven budget template with accompanying video tutorial that will take your budgeting skills to the next level and a cash flow template that your contractors can easily adopt to avoid those last minute panicked “we aren’t going to make payroll” calls.

Brett Conner, Grants Manager
City and County of San Francisco’s
Department of Children, Youth and Their Families

Learn more about our collaboration with the City and County of San Francisco’s
Organizational Sustainability Initiative.
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We had a good thing going with community organizations – our support for the quality of their programs, incorporating the latest youth development principles, and developing skills of their staff all were going over well. However, dozens of executive directors, board leaders, and administrative staff were telling us they needed something more: they needed help understanding, managing and communicating their finances.
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Stuart Cohen
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Jessica Huey
Lead Consultant