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Our Work with Grantmakers

We are dedicated to helping foundations and government agencies carry out their work efficiently, while building trust-based relationships with the organizations they fund.

Grantee Capacity-Building

Collaborate with us to provide nonprofit leaders in your network with practical tools and transformational learning opportunities.

Government Advisory Services

Provide skilled technical assistance to help your contractors manage funds effectively and on time.

Philanthropic Services

Enhance your financial due diligence process. Strengthen grant policies & practices to boost your grantees’ ability to achieve impact. Build your team’s confidence and skills with understanding the “story behind the numbers” in nonprofit finance.

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Stuart Cohen
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Jessica Huey
Lead Consultant
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Rodney Christopher
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Jennifer Pedroni
Lead Consultant
Our History with Grantmaker Collaborations

From our inception, grantmakers have found BDO FMA to be a skilled and thoughtful advisor to both internal staff and grantees. In turn, BDO FMA values the ability to provide services to grantmakers and their grantees, scaling up our impact on the sector. We now have a significant portfolio of cohorts and other initiatives undertaken with grantmakers to provide capacity building and financial management training to their grantees and establish communities of practice among various staff roles.

While we often work with grantmakers to support their grantees, we have a growing team of consultants dedicated to helping funders do their philanthropic work with greater efficiency and confidence. Together, the leaders on this team have broad experience across grantmaker types and roles, and have particular expertise in the internal financial management skills and processes necessary to carry out those roles with excellence, building stronger relationships with the organizations they fund.

These Philanthropic Services are built on a foundation of nonprofit financial management training for Program Officers and Grants Managers.  On the cutting edge of our services is Financial Due Diligence support — assessing your current practices and making recommendations for improvements, as well as providing outsourced due diligence services.